Make Your Money Work for You – Discover How to Build Real Generational Wealth Quickly & Tax Free!

Join the Become Your Own Bank Challenge & Learn the Tricks Used by the Rich to Build Lasting Wealth!

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Make Your Money Work for You – Discover How to Build Real Generational Wealth Quickly & Tax Free!

Join the Become Your Own Bank Challenge & Learn the Tricks Used by the Rich to Build Lasting Wealth!

From Marvin Mitchell,
Creator of the Become Your Own Bank Challenge

Dear fellow entrepreneur and wealth builder,

I’m here to tell you that the way most of us think about building wealth – find a good job, work hard and try to get promoted, save your money and build that 401K …

It just doesn’t work!

Take my grandmother for instance. She worked for one company for 36 years. She maxed out her 401K savings during that time, but she had all her money in tax-deferred investment accounts and the market crashed.

She lost over half her money in an instant – years of savings gone with a snap of the finger. Then, to make matters worse, she got sick and had to use her remaining savings to pay her medical expenses because she didn’t have long-term care insurance.

My grandmother’s experience had a massive impact on my life and led to me forming the Path To Prosperity Community and creating the Become Your Own Bank Challenge.

I wanted to do what I could to help others avoid what happened to my grandmother. You see it’s not your fault – you aren’t taught the truth about wealth building.

You hear what the “so-called experts” say to do but what you don’t hear about is what the rich are actually doing to build their wealth higher and higher.

It’s time you learned the truth – because these principles work no matter what your financial situation. In my masterclass, you’ll finally learn the financial principles that allow you to create true wealth and live the lifestyle of your dreams.

The rich don’t get rich by listening to the so-called experts and following those tired principles that don’t work anymore. They get rich by breaking free and doing things a new way.

In this challenge, you’ll learn how to transform your current relationship with money, what the smartest things are to do to build wealth, how to become your own bank and how to gain true control of your finances so that you keep more of what you make and stop losing hard-earned money to taxes, banks, and lenders.

Who is This Challenge For?

This course is for anyone who is tired of seeing their wealth stuck at the same level day after day after day.

It is also for anyone who is tired of struggling to just get by … who is fed up with the limited returns offered by the “system’s wealth-building steps.”

This course is for entrepreneurs and it is also for those stuck working for companies who want to reach a higher level in their finances.

You’ll learn all about wealth preservation and infinite banking and the various concepts you need to know to build wealth in today’s marketplace.

Here is Just Some of What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the wealthy play by different rules than everyone else and how you can start following those rules in your own life
  • ​The hidden wealth building tricks of the top 1% and how you can start taking full advantage of them as well
  • ​Why lots of what you’ve heard about money is not true … and what you should believe and do instead to build wealth
  • ​How to obtain true financial literacy and become an expert at building wealth in any economic conditions
  • ​How to tap into uninterrupted compound interest that never stops the forward momentum of your money
  • ​How to keep your money growing even when you use some for purchases
  • ​How to create generational wealth and leave the next generation off better than you could ever imagine
  • ​How to get tax-free growth on investments just like the ultra-wealthy
  • ​How to remove the limit on contribution amounts for IRAs or 401Ks so you can build even more wealth
  • ​​How to achieve guaranteed minimum performance in your investments
  • ​How to loan to yourself so that you can buy real estate or take advantage of other opportunities while still accumulating interest growth
  • ​How to cash in growth at any point with no tax consequences
  • ​And much more
Plus, remember you’ll be joining the Become Your Own Bank Community where you’ll enjoy support, solidarity and encouragement from like-minded individuals that will help you tremendously on your journey to building greater wealth.

Introducing the Become Your Own Bank Challenge!

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Don’t procrastinate and miss out … these are exciting times that are filled with wealth-building opportunities.

You just need to transform the way you think about building wealth and learn how to identify and take advantage of what is available – which is exactly what you’ll learn in this challenge.

Don’t go through another year of feeling stressed out, frustrated and disappointed with your wealth. Discover how to build lasting generational wealth in the Become Your Own Bank Challenge.

Here’s What Is Included In This Challenge:

Day #1 Mindset of a Wealth Creator

Here you’ll learn:
  • The real differences between debtors/savers and wealth creators and how to use this information to build your wealth fast
  • ​Why the traditional wealth building system is failing today and what you need to do differently to achieve your goals
  • ​Common financial mistakes and how to avoid making them yourself so that you can build greater wealth
  • ​How the wealthy think differently from us and how to use their secrets to your advantage
  • ​Key investment principles you can use to start building wealth more effectively

Day #2 – Create Your Bank

Here you’ll learn:
  • What an infinite bank is and how to tap into its many advantages
  • ​A 10-minute lesson on life insurance that will completely change how you view it – should you have life insurance? If so, what type? Find it all out here!
  • ​What the high cash value myth is and how to take what you learn here to build greater wealth

Day #3 – Key Infinite Banking Concepts

Here you’ll learn:
  • The best place to store cash for higher interest, tax-free growth and to leverage greater wealth building opportunities
  • ​How to use policy loans to build wealth
  • ​What are riders and how to use them to protect yourself and your wealth going forward
  • ​How dividends work and how to maximize their benefits for wealth creation

Day #4 – Generate Infinite Returns

Here you’ll learn:
  • How to create and put into play your very own personal banking strategy
  • ​Tips you can use to increase your investment returns while minimizing your risk
  • ​Why tax freedom should be a goal and how to achieve it
  • ​How to utilize your infinite bank to create infinite income

Day #5 – Structuring Your Generational Wealth 

Here you’ll learn:
  • How to own nothing but control everything in order to better protect your assets  
  • ​Why structure is so important for wealth building and how to perfect your structure 
  • ​How to take advantage of such things as church, charitable giving, estate planning and more in your wealth building
  • ​How to set up a family bank and create a legacy that keeps on giving

This Challenge Training Also Includes:

Private Facebook Group Access – 
a $3,000 value

Gain access to our Facebook community where you can get even more valuable information and tips! You can also interact with fellow challenge students who are eager to support and encourage you on your journey. They could even serve as accountability partners to ensure you stay on track for challenge completion.

What Others Are Saying About This Training:

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • 5 Days Of Training [7:00 PM - 8:00 PM] With Marvin Mitchell
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  • ​Exclusive VIP Pre-Session Q&A Zoom Calls With Marvin Mitchell
  • ​Exclusive VIP Kick Off Call With Marvin & Friends
  • ​Other VIP Perks!

My “Love It Or I Will Refund Your Challenge Ticket” Guarantee

If after the 5 day challenge, you come to the conclusion that the challenge was not of value to you, or any reason, you can notify me and request a refund of your purchase price.

The one condition is that you can’t have watched every session.

It’s Time to Learn the Real Secrets to Building Generation Wealth!

Don’t be like my grandmother and countless others who spend their lives working for others and end up with nothing.
It’s up to you to take action now and change things for the better. You have to change your mindset and forget what you’ve been told about wealth generation.

It’s time to ignore the traditional system and instead focus on the tips and techniques the rich use to build wealth. You can use them to – and you’ll learn exactly what to do in my masterclass.

Plus, you’ll be joining the Path To Prosperity Community, which is filled with ambitious people who not only want to achieve success themselves but also want to help and support others to do the same.

You’ll feel encouraged and motivated as you strive to build the wealth that will change your life and the lives of your family.
In this masterclass, you’ll learn what mistakes to avoid and how to use concepts like infinite banking to change your financial future for the better.

I’ve done this all myself and can show you exactly what to do and what not to do to dramatically increase your chances for success.

So are you ready to start building wealth? To get started today, sign up for the Path To Prosperity Blueprint and find out what it really takes to build wealth in today’s economy.

Just click the button below to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is This Challenge For?
This is for anyone who wants to learn the secret strategies that the ultra-wealthy use to expand their wealth.
How Long Does the Challenge Take to Complete?
The challenge is 5-days... April 4th through the 8th. VIP takes place at 6:30pm EST and the main session for everyone takes place at 7:00pm EST.
Does This Challenge Include a Money-Back Guarantee?
Yes, I’m offering a money-back guarantee. If you go through the entire challenge and feel like you were not given any value to help you in your wealth journey, you can notify me and request a refund of your purchase price.
Will Recordings Be Available?
Recordings will only be available until the Sunday following the ending of the challenge at midnight.
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